world-in-formation – dependent on the weather

Escaping from the known if through laughter or another transgressive expression involves an openness for the unknown. It is a decision for experience, thus it includes a sense of embodiness to get across the point where we cannot see as ‘we cannot see until we are immersed’ to follow an interpretation of Merleau-Ponty by T.Ingold. In a recently published paper he draws an interesting line from weather perception to modes of being as relevant impacts of seeing differently.
He relates seeing out/perceiving to being out and demands for the necessity of being immersed in light. Consequently this view creates a direct connection from light (vision) to sound and feeling – relating the three modes as experiences of being . Under these aspects ‘perceiving the weather is above all an experience of light’ as seeing is the experience of light (what is seen in the light). His way of weather perception implicates the qualities of a medium and not so much properties of surfaces. It defines a mode of being which influences perception in contrary to a static concept of perceiving:

The equation of materiality with the solid substance of the earth has its roots in a tendency, deeply sedimented in the canons of western thought, to imagine that the world is presented to human life as a surface to be occupied. Having emerged from an autochthonous point of origin, the family of man is said to have branched out, along its many lines, over the territories of the globe. In this colonial image, life goes on upon the outer surface of a world that has already congealed in its final form, rather than in the midst of a world of perpetual flux. But between the materiality of nature and the agency of its human occupants, between the worlds of things and persons, there remains no conceptual space for those very real phenomena and transformations of the medium that we generally recognize as weather. ….

… Sensed as the generative current of a world-in-formation, weather engulfs landscape, as the sight of things is overwhelmed by the experience of light.

.. following his view and thoughts on weather perception might help to develope the necessity for a seeing differently under aspects one can hardly escape nowadays, eventhough these are not the initial points to been considered for this thread of thoughts ..
to be continued …

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