in and out of embeds

War Feels Like War a film by Esteban Uyarra…

If you look at Fallujah after the war, we definitely feel at a disadvantage when we only have an embed and we don’t have someone on the ground able to get into Fallujah to confirm how many people died, who they were, where they died, what’s going on, from the other side.
.. via the chutry experiment comes a detailed description and some background information on this POV documentary. But also the website itself provides quite some material worth to go over it and recall the term and implications of ’embeddness’.
Iraq: Embedded Journalist / Photographers
take pictures of U.S. military forces
arresting a Fedayeen suspect in Tikrit

UPDATE (13/10/2005): some links to recall Iraq situation ..
Recent JNV Iraq Materials
Remember Fallujah
further directions within those links …

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3 thoughts on “in and out of embeds

  1. That’s a good point regarding the issue of embeddedness, and I didn’t address it as much as I would have liked in my review. War Feels Like War has certainly stuck with me, though, especially given its more reflective tone (as compared to Gunner Palace, for example).

  2. Actually, I had War confused with another film I’d recommend, Occupation: Dreamland, which I’d also recommend. I’ve been seeing lots of war documentaries lately….

  3. no problem, that can happen. Anyway one should go, see the films and find out oneself. But its always worth a hint to point towards them.

    I like to visit your site especially for the many and detailed reviews you give. And am always impressed that one manages to do so and passes on information on documentaries like these. So … : )

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