living in paradox

ars electronica plans on the Hybrid: Hybrid–living in paradox (programmatic statement)

Hybrid […] in biology […] has two meanings. The first meaning is either the offspring of two different species, or of two different genera. The second meaning of “hybrid” is crosses between populations or cultivars (“cultivated varieties”) of a single species.
Hybrid — made up of parts drawn from multiple but similar sources to create something new. Haraway’s cyborg is a metaphoric human/machine hybrid.
Hybrid — a term in biology.
Hybrid can refer to systems containing both continuous and discrete sample times, e.g. in control theory.
Hybrid in engineering and telecommunications is a functional unit in which two or more different technologies are combined to satisfy a given requirement.
Note: Examples of hybrids include (a) an electronic circuit having both vacuum tubes and transistors, (b) a mixture of thin-film and discrete integrated circuits, and (c) a computer, or electronic device that has both analog and digital capability.
Hybrid words have mixed etymologies.
A hybrid may also refer to a hybrid vehicle.
Hybrid is also the name of a British electronic music group formed in the late 1990s.
Hybrid atomic orbitals in chemistry. […]

(wikipedia definitions published in the presskit)

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