updating transmediale links

This review (for which to read one sorrily has to be a member of rhizome) on transmediale works and intentions brought me back to rethink the works, which ironically were set up in a smaller passage way between the main exhibition platforms and an open lecture area. Works like the known makrolab project, the just mentioned parasite tents, CAE connected Claire Pentecost with ‘visible food‘ database in connection to James Patten’s ‘Coporate Fallout Detector‘ and Prisoners Inventions were ranging at the workshop level and obviously not in the exhibition competition. As the author of the article mentions the selection of works seemingly was due to transmediale’s change in concept towards the aesthetics of art world. As to value works “for their aesthetic and conceptual value and not so much on the basis of their technical qualities.” – I might definitly agree to this idea, but especially in this year’s concept it was not always clear, if the level acchieved this way can really cover critical and innovative ideas alike, emerging from experiments with the steady developments.
Just released is this work, where one can find berlin soundscapes taken during transmediale.

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