from basics …

Basic security panel at transmediale finally mostly focused on the dichotomy of security / insecurity and the self – reproductive processes inherent in those. Via an ‘Ecology of Fear’ evolving through what might be called today as living in a Risk Society Konrad Becker‘s argument diagnosed that this redirects the colonisation of the outer space […] Read More

immersion images

found here via boingboing an impressive tool to create total immersive images in real time rendering (watch the clip here) ….pfew … I wish I would have had a tool like this during the performative lecture (using real time green box effect) held at merz academy some time ago which was intended to show and […] Read More

transmediale basics

first impressions: permeable black walls divide this year’s transmediale exhibition part at the entrance foyer into a black cube system and this seems adequate to express the questions touched in the announcing information: … Although technical products promise enhanced agency and security, we experience an increased disorientation: the ethical question of what one should do […] Read More

tempted to link to crowds

a nice and interesting post on space and culture about examining the importance of the crowd in the modern era: .. the web site for the Stanford Humanities Lab collaborative research project on “the rise and fall of the crowd — particularly the revolutionary crowd — in the Western sociopolitical imagination between 1789 and the […] Read More

.. going Berlin ???

some points for those coming or being in town the next days …. BASICS – starting from tomorrow transmediale 05 interrogates: what are the BASICS of your culture? is your reality digital or analogue? are you ethical or aesthetical? transmediale is the biggest and most significant festival for art and the creative usage of digital […] Read More