Eyes on Screen

Related to the recently mentioned limitations and difficulties especially documentary filmakers face due to outdated copyright issues comes this call for action. It offers and asks to distribute further digital versions of Eyes on the Prize, one of the films which screenings are most affected through – as the The Washington Post* (*bugmenot) put it:
“A system that has a logic — it’s fair to pay others to use their work — is spinning out of control.”

Eyes on the Prize portrayed the black freedom struggle of America and the heroic efforts of Martin Luther King Jr.. The award winning film from 1987 is one of the most important civil rights documentary ever made and at this point it stands as well exemplary for the struggle of renewing licenses to use copyrighted archival footage, photos and music. At the current state those accompanying unafforable costs may render documentary materials like these into oblivion.
Downhillbattle.org organizes now on February 8th neat celebrations over north american territory, but watch out it might also happen around that time at the pirate cinema in your distant hometown … (also via boingboing)

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