voice to Iraqis not represented in the news media

An interesting news project – electroniciraq – offers independent news coverage from Iraq. One of the recent post is a longer article on the documentary film: About Baghdad

Upon viewing the film, one can’t help but wonder if voices like these were featured in the U.S. mainstream media, would there have been a war at all, or at least a war waged without the support of the international community.

image from About Bagdad
As journalists in the U.S. admit that they failed to deliver their true responsibility of objective reporting during the pep rally leading up to the war, it seems more and more amazing that the U.S. can go to war on the flimsiest of pretenses, without even representing the people who are on the war’s receiving end.How ignorant can a young country such as the U.S. be to attack Iraq and sacrifice its own soldiers, some of whom (like one interviewed in the film), genuinely believe that they are doing for the Iraqis what they could not do for themselves, while ignoring its history of support towards Hussein as he was killing his own people?
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