quoting about: the impossibility of betweennesses

… trying to get further with the other voice, the signal, the transmittance of a communicative gesture … eventually able to open up other spaces – thoughts got caught by this excerpt:

What has middling to do with mediations? It is not for nothing that we still speak of the ‘ether’ when trying to represent the passage and radiation of signals, for we still, like classical and medieval thinkers, though without really thinking about the matter, regard as abhorrent the idea that there might be nothing between separated or distanced objects (In brief, the reasoning goes: if there is nothing between separate objects, then they cannot in fact be separate at all; so there must always be something between objects, and the void that lies between them cannot be void after all.) Mediators are not static betweennesses; rather, they are go-betweens, in movement. Or rather, in the absence of a void in which to move, they are themselves movement.
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