just continuing: … the immaterial processes of communication

But it is a little allegory all on its own of the logic of the parasite. The workings of communication are themselves no more than a sort of bridge-work, made for the spanning of a gap, or traversal of a distance. But the absent-mindedly misplaced spanner within the works is enough to make it grind, scrape, clank, eventually seize up altogether. Something alien, something stubborn and slow, has intervened in the angelic passage of messages. …
…Interference comes about not just because the apparatus of communication is too dull to convey the subtleties of our thought and voice, but also because it is too sensitive, too easily inflected by the medium through which it should travel indifferent. Without the sensitivity and responsiveness of the wire which renders it apt to act as a carrier of the voice or the word, there could be no passage or message at all. Its risk, its exposure to interference, is what makes it work. Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari have put this differently but perhaps equivalently, when they speak in Anti-Oedipus of machines which only start to work when they break down.

This has to do with the residual materiality of the most seemingly immaterial processes of communication. Speech is only possible because of the physical apparatus of tongue, lips, larynx and palate that produces it…..
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