liminal spaces interpreted as hybrid sites as witnesses of the production of cultural meaning …

This overview and some excerpts of Homi K. Bhabha give an interesting introduction to his definition and seen possibilities emerging from liminal spaces …. (as well as some thoughtful points to think about)

It is in the emergence of the interstices–the overlap and displacement of domains of difference–that the intersubjective and collective experiences of nationness, community interest, or cultural value are negotiated. How are subjects formed ‘in-between’, or in excess of, the sum of the ‘parts’ of difference (usually intoned as race/class/gender, etc.)? How do strategies of representation or empowerment come to be formulated in the competing claims of communities where, despite shared histories of deprivation and discrimination, the exchange of values, meanings and priorities may not always be collaborative and dialogical, but may be profoundly antagonistic, conflictual and even incommensurable?…..and more

Terms of cultural engagement, whether antagonistic or affiliative, are produced performatively. The representation of difference must not be hastily read as the reflection of pre-given ethnic or cultural traits set in the fixed tablet of tradition. The social articulation of difference, from the minority perspective, is a complex, on-going negotiation that seeks to authorize cultural hybridities that emerge in moments of historical transformation.…..and more

… and following the final advice ; ) on the site .. more on borders and other places of the in-between to follow soon …

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