again: on hybridity

“I find myself especially drawn by such engaging new beings as the tomato with a gene from a cold-sea-bottom-living flounder.” — Donna Haraway

.. some still provocative thoughts from D. Haraway on hybrid forms from her book Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium Female Man_Meets_OncoMouseTM have been re-thought in George Myersons essay on her attitude towards GM food. Eventhough we don’t seem to care much about the issue in our daily lifes – as we meanwhile already got used to tomatoes, which don’t rot anymore.
One of the interesting points he focuses on is the racist attitude at the core of the purity thought, but equally he analyzis connections of impurity for the new forms of capitalism, which also includes entanglement between academic and commercial interests.

This new ‘technoscience’ itself will always be a hybrid of pure and applied, commercial and arcane, practice and theory. As the new biology goes about its business of extracting profits, it will also be the agent that ‘mixes up all actors’. In the wake of biological technoscience, the pseudo-scientific basis of ‘racial purity’ will at last fall into final disrepute. The world will reveal itself, irreversible, as a place of burgeoning ambiguities.

Still some difficult themes to think on regarding all aspects of consequences and it is not thought just to promote this form of hybrids, but to think about the already exsisting changes and implications. especially the eventual loss of a critical attitude if the difficult ambiguity in there is denied… therefore this is as well a direct link to CAE’s work.
quoted from ‘Donna Haraway and GM Foods’ in The End of Everything
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