space voices .. or expressions in room tone

Finally I recalled one of my favorite quotes …

After the end of an interview, professional sound technicians usually record a few minutes of silence. They call it “the room tone”. It is used as reference for editing purposes, but it is qualified by a unique identity….read

Derrick de Kerckhove relates it here also to city sounds ..

There is a room-tone to cities, which could be seen to behave like the brain containing, channeling and supporting all the human connecting, gathering, communicating that is happening there…from here

The following find of a nice, short, and incisive definition comes from sound terminology – no further need for explanation …

room tone: Another term for ambience. Also called presence. (here)
Rarely I find websites connected to sound that come along unobtrusively .. thus it remains ‘silent’ here (… leaving you with your computer’s sounds and noises, as well as with the tone of the room your in – a slight impression of being located somewhere else and not embedded into the data script of this page) …

A possibility to listen to room tones and space voices via online broadcast from Latavia will start in August. Background information and the announcment of the affiliated conference ACOUSTIC SPACE: RT32 / ORCHESTRATING THE SOLAR SYSTEM can be found here ..

RT16, VIRAC, Latvia
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