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Despite the comments on this short sequence, which all deal with the way of expression used … it gets me thinking another way – eventually just approriate to my current situation, when the usual communication channels for some reason get blocked, just difficult to access (may be because of simple reasons like time delay or access fees ..etc) or vanish because of access regulations in the places one finds. It drove me back to think about the limitations of digital transfer and its discrete, thus fragmentated character. It is the paradox of the increasing information, which in itself contains less – like in the simple comparison of an analog signal compared to the digital. The sharpness and clearity has to pay some tribute to warmer shades in between. Thus the sudden dependence exclusively on the digitized for know contacts focused my awareness on the missing information between the signals, which is not transmitted despite the open channels. In this regard I especially liked the expression something me with its unspecified character of whatever way something might be transmitted .. it is treated almost according to its nature more like a signal not as a specific sign of communication.
update: .. accidental find: a supplementary post >> found via at apophenia: Social Technology: From MPD to Aspergers

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