connectivity and the feeling of being blinded by no light …

The first attempts moving in virtual reality created some feeling of stumbling along in something which can be described as ‘seeing’ blindness. The connectivity of something me brings me back to this sensation. It might not become that obvious in many cases, if not for some reason further bewilderness occurs, but an increasing dependency on something me technologies can have a similar effect, as receiving signals without clear image.
Further it occured to me that connectivity can only grow if there are empty connection points – thus a totally layered area might not be able to provide further ability to recognize a differnent signal. A simple example is that the search for unknown signals is located in more or less waste areas like here. Interestingly all these facts also refer to an ability to receive an image / scenery through different devices than just the eye. The ‘image’ is created through signals, which do not constitute an image that is visualy readable at the first sight or without some decoding advice.
Abstract readability of scenes might first have been introduced through games as they are usually describing a transformation process of ‘reality’. One of the oldest in that sense might be the game go, which came to my mind when i was thinkng about connectivity relations. As far as I remember a ‘stone’ there is captured and worthless if it has no more liberties.
It also recalls that networks in itself are limited to some extend .. and often just networks within a bigger one … so we have just reached another level, which we do not overlook at the moment .. to continue again?

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