About Interruptions and [Dis-]Appearances

In an experiment of integration printed text comes together with web site dynamics .. as a book:

One of the most interesting aspects of this work is its user interface: the user can interact with the scanned texts through a set of icons drawn on the text, which point at other pages containing biographies, additional texts, original documents, external links and codes to access all the links of a section. Another icon is used to view the cross references in a text. The results of this work are remarkable, because it offers an experience where the user can read and explore a subject in a culturally coherent way and because it implements the same structural principles of interdisciplinarity, critique and aesthetics described in the best essays. The data and their connections, instead of remaining hidden in their respective devices, are dinamically intertwined in a structure which could become a very good standard for the printed works whose intrinsic value stems from their being a node in a greater network. via neural.it

The online version of this experiment between printed and hyper-texts is still in progress .. first chapters can be looked up here.

.. and also via neural.it Five Small Videos About Interruption And Disappearings.

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