News coverage emergence from the gaps in media coverage ……

(link) .. as these days there are also some reports about missing images, unwanted images* and again faked images around ….

Accordingly the film The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ** focuses on the political consequences of media consolidation!. By accident the documentary filmmakers Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Briain happened to have their cameras act as a “third eye” during the coup in Venezuela.

KB & DOB: During the coup when there was a media black-out, things like the internet, short wave radio and cable TV played an important part in getting other sides of the story out to the Venezuelan people. But the other great tool was the mobile phone.
…. interview at znet

This all popped up from fields uncovered by the main reports and is adding to important points, but the arguments are still fluctating between the opposite issues of image usage and meaning and the controverse phrase of seeing is believing.

* originally via The Memory Hole, but temporarily via a mirror by warblogging
** reminding to this: This is a classic. Though the beat and lyrics have been used and abused by the very agents mentioned in the poem, its message still rings loud and clear.

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