.. again time to put some links here …

which I found today, like the last find which I made via blethers’ post of the recent online appearance of Chomsky in a bloglike posting magazine hosted as other writings of him at znet. It can be found on its blogging list and eventhough the format might not be like a pure blog Chomsky is as wellknown for forwarding his opinion .. as znet is …
… other finds to be mentioned (before lost again) is the appearance of the new reader at Sarai.net, which publishes its latest issue on media/crisis….
…. and another page, which is using again a format between a magazine and a blog, is this link to live blog tv published in different languages and describing itself as

Aynil’s Tv is a project about contemporary image, i.e. video, net-art, digital film. It aims to scan contemporary phenomena in video culture: the (development of) digital potential, the confrontation and convergence of different media, the culture of contents + technology experimentation. Live Blog Tv is a format, where a discussion on contemporary image takes place, mainly in form of a blog-supported, live interview series. We will interview makers and artists on the video and net scenes, such as authors and professionals linked to the development of new institutional, private and alternative (independent) digital tv movements, in Italy and abroad.
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